Scooter Runs Faster And Becomes More Powerful!

Introducing Scooter 1.3 Release

With Scooter Framework 1.3 release, Scooter runs much much faster and much easier to use. The following is a highlight of some important features in this release. For a full list of features and updates, click Release Note.

Web Page Caching

You can cache web page of a route by either adding a cacheable property to the route definition in file or simplily list the request path in web.xml.

The following code shows that contact page is cached.\
    url:/contact; \
    controller:site; \
    action:contact; \

The following code shows that contact and about page is cached, but news page is not.

      <param-value>WebPageCachingFilter</param-value>    <=== maps to the same name in ehcache.xml
      <param-value>/about, /contact</param-value>

For more details, click here.

AJAX-based Ad-hoc SQL Window

SQL Window allows you to execute any SQL statement from your own browser.

Just select a database, choose a retrieval limit, enter a SQL query, and click on Run button.

SQL Window

SQL Window is built on top of Scooter's AJAX and SQL Data Express (SDE).