Summary of Releases
scooter-1.0.0 20101210
 + New feature: Password protected Site Administration.
 + New feature: jQuery integration.
 + New feature: jQuery-UI integration.
 + New feature: Rewrote Ajax handling by using jQuery.
 + New feature: Generate Ajax-based scaffold app.
 + New feature: Addition of "About" and "Contact" screens.
 + New feature: Addition of favicon.ico.
 + New feature: built-in tool "File Browser".
 + New feature: Support PostgreSQL database.
 + New feature: 50+ more static ActiveRecord APIs. Thanks suggestions from femto Zhang.
 + New feature: Flexible view rendering APIs in ActionControl.
 + New feature: tools/connection-test.jar for connection testing without starting Scooter.
 + New feature: Upload APIs in ActionControl.
 + New feature: Code generation generates functional tests along with unit tests code.
 + New feature: Plugin mechanism to extend Scooter functionality.
 + New feature: Memcached support through plugin.
 + New feature: Handle requests of different extensions.
 + New feature: Integrated with StringTemplate and handle *.st view files.

 + Simplifed application creation.
 + Improved application structure.
 + Rewrote layout template.
 + Controller does not need to inherit framework super class.
 + Improved Data Browser's Record APIs. Thanks code contribution from Viv(Vivek).
 + Improved SiteInfo view which counts concurrent users.
 + Added more connection properties (use_login_as_schema, use_login_for_connection) in
 + Switched to the latest Jetty-6.1.26.
 + Many tiny updates.
 + Required to use JDK1.5 or higher.

scooter-1.0.RC3 20100509
 + Fixed bug: auto compiler would not work if application name starts with java
 + Fixed bug: failed to retrieve primary key of a table in Oracle database
 + Fixed bug: failed to display Oracle timestamp data type
 + Fixed bug: data browser failed to retrieve data when there is '/' in primary key value.
 + Fixed bug: oracle data source node in app.xml file causes exception when starting scooter.

 + New feature: scooter.jar can be used as a standalone orm jar. See sample scooter-orm app.
 + New feature: Scooter supports database connection pool now. See file for details.
 + New feature: ActiveRecord now has "strict_include" option which uses inner join.
                "include" still defaults to "left outer join".
 + New feature: ActiveRecord now has findAllBy, findFirst and findLast methods
 + New feature: ActiveRecord has a new constructor. It can be created for different databases.
 + New feature: Added utility class DataAccessUtil for easy access of retrieved data.
 + New feature: Data browser supports pagination.
 + New feature: Data browser supports view.
 + New feature: Data browser supports retrieving data based on schema for Oracle database.
 + New feature: Data browser supports auto audit fields.
 + New feature: Data browser will not display url link on show/edit/delete,
                if the underline table has no primary key.

scooter-1.0.RC2 20100310
 + Added shell scripts of shared Jetty/Tomcat installations on Linux/Mac platforms
 + Fixed auto compiler error related to Linux/Mac
 + Changed messages when using routes and data browser from non-localhost
 + Changed locale processing

scooter-1.0.RC1 20100214
 + First public release